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Who we are

We have supported the airline operators with line maintenance from European Maintenance Service AB, EMS, until the 1st of Juli 2022. The airline line maintenance operation was transferred to European Line Maintenance AB in order to support the airline operators´ line maintenance demands in a highly competitive environment by a cost-efficient, flexible and LEAN business structure.

ELM is from the very start designed to support the airline operators operating in Scandinavia. While our sister company EMS is providing the corporate jet segment with maintenance services. 

ELM originates from 1982 when Göteborgs AERO was founded serving general aviation aircraft in the Gothenburg region. In 2006 was the name changed to European Maintenance Service AB serving the Corporate Jet market with base and line maintenance. During the Covid pandemic in 2020 the business expanded into the airline segment. In order to strength this business segment the ELM was established 1st of June 2022 by transfer of business from EMS.

ELM supports airline operators
Rolf Svensson, founder of Göteborgs AERO